Stargate Comprehensive Web Design, Service, And Coding Price Structure

Services Available


Home Page

$ 150.00

Additional Pages

$ 50.00 /pp.

Updates and Changes

$ 35.00 /hr.

PHP, Perl, and CGI Scripting

$ 35.00 /hr.

Flash Authoring

$ 50.00 /hr.

Shopping Cart Setup

$ 199.00

Website Optimization

$ 45.00 /hr.

Custom Graphics

$ 30.00 /hr.

Company Logo Design

$ 50.00 /hr.

Search Engine Submission

$ 150.00 /yr.

Image Scanning

$ 10.00 /per item

On-site Digital Photography

$ 50.00 /hr.

Domain Name Registration

$ 15.00 /yr.

Basic Web Design Tutoring

$ 99.00 /hr.

Web Relocation Or Republishing

$ 35.00 /hr.

Vista Plan

Pioneer Plan

Venture Pro Plan

Design Services

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